Sports nutrition

Nutrition plays a very important role in our performance during training. Each sport creates different requirements for energy and macronutrients in our body. Athletes therefore need a personalized diet plan tailored to their training hours and daily routine.

Clinical nutrition

Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemias (elevated cholesterol, triglyceride levels), elevated uric acid, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastroesophageal reflux disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, some approach to improve both the individual’s quality of life and the outcome of the disease. It is very important to have recent blood tests in the first session.

Online session

If you are outside Volos or your time is limited, there is the possibility of systematic dietary monitoring at a distance.
All you need is a scale and a computer or smartphone to make our video calls or phone calls.
Online monitoring has proven to be just as effective.

Weight management

It is very important to take a personalized approach to designing a diet so that it is in line with the needs and preferences of each individual. Whether our goal is to lose or gain weight, our main goal is to improve the health and fitness of the individual, by adopting a healthy lifestyle for lasting results.

Child and adolescent nutrition

Monitoring the development, assessment of the nutritional status and nutritional education of the child. Meeting the increased energy needs due to development, the adoption of a healthy diet as well as the prevention or treatment of childhood obesity are our main goal.

Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

Personalized nutrition program according to the needs of the pregnant and breastfeeding mother. Our goal is to meet both the increased energy needs for the normal development of the fetus and to ensure the health of the pregnant or breastfeeding woman respectively.

Body composition analysis - BMI

The Tanita MC-780 body composition analyzer performs a detailed analysis in a measurement that takes less than 1 minute. Multi-frequency partial analysis analyzer, for high-precision body composition analysis.
• Fat%, kg
• Lean mass
• Muscle mass
• Total body fluids
• Extracellular fluid
• Intracellular fluid
• Bone mass
• Physical classification
• Visceral fat
• ECW / TBW ratio
• Basic metabolic rate
• Phase Angle
• Metabolic age
• Distribution of body fat
• Balance of muscle mass
• Performance of lower limb muscles
• Sectional analysis for each lower and upper limb and trunk

Ideal measurement conditions:
• 3 hours before the measurement the examinee has not consumed food or fluids
• Women should not have a period on the day of the measurement
• 10 hours before the measurement no alcohol has been consumed

Vegan and Vegeterian diet

Every year more and more people turn to a diet based on plant products either for moral or personal health reasons. It is very important in these cases to make sure that our diet is well designed, with the right combinations to avoid any deficiencies in nutrients that can affect us either directly in our daily performance, or in the long run with a deficiency that may endanger our health.