MMedSci – RD
Evdokia Malliarou was born in Volos and studied at the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics of ATEITH. from where she successfully graduated in June 2018. Then she continued her studies in the field of clinical nutrition, successfully completing in June 2020 the postgraduate program (Master of Medical Science) “Nutrition in Health and Disease” specializing in renal failure at the Medical School of the University of Thessaly.

Sports nutrition

Clinical nutrition

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Weight management

Child and adolescent nutrition

Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

Body composition analysis - BMR

Vegan and Vegeterian diet

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What is BMI?

By dividing your weight by your height, BMI calculates the weight range you are currently in, whether you are "underweight", "healthy",...

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Body Mass Index Calculation
Body Mass Index, or BMI (BMI), is a measure used to determine if you are within a healthy weight range for your height.
Height (in centimeters) Weight (in kilograms)